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Citizens to Elect Tonya Dumas
Emerged, Engaged, and Empowered for Equity!

Tonya Dumas

Tonya Dumas

The People’s Choice
Improving the Overall Quality of Life for Every Citizen! 
I have a deep love for the city I call home.  I have lived and worked in Cincinnati my entire life. I currently live and Walnut Hills and have a small Business there. I find myself wanting to give back the only city that I call home. I am a member of Philippians Missionary Baptist Church where I am the Youth Ministry leader.  With this city having given me so much in my time living here, I find myself with the desire to give back to the only city I have ever called home.  I am running for the position of City Councillor to assist in stewarding Cincinnati's future growth and ushering it into the coming decade that will be defined by technological change, job growth and economic development. There will be unprecedented new challenges in affordable housing, Crime reduction, and our transit system. 

We will do this Together!

Formal Education

• Xavier University Graduate where she earned:
• Bachelors of Liberal Arts 
• Concentration in Organizational Leadership 
• Minor in Gender & Diversity Studies
• Cincinnati State Technical & Community College – Information Systems
• Cincinnati Public School Graduate- Hughes High School, Marketing DECA

Community Involvement Education 

Community Involvement Education
• Mortar Entrepreneurship Graduate (Walnut Hills)
• Citizens on Patrol Graduate (Evanston)
• Parents Leadership Institute Graduate (CPS)
• Grassroots Leadership Academy Graduate

Volunteering & Community Service

Volunteering and Community Service
• Greater Cincinnati Foundation
• The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati
• Closing the Health Gap
• The Khron Conservatory
• Starfire Council
• The World Choir Games
• The American Cancer Society
• Easter Seals 
• Cincinnati Youth Collaborative - Mentor
• The Ohio Justice and Policy Center
• The Preschool Promise Initiative
Citizens to Elect Tonya Dumas
Emerged, Engaged, and Empowered for Equity!


Of the utmost importance in any person running for a political position at any level, I place an extreme emphasis on my personal integrity. Running for office means I am running to represent you, my constituents, and your trust in me and my ability to faithfully execute the duties of a City Councillor is paramount. 


Going hand in hand with personal integrity, I place a high degree of importance on my accountability to the people of Cincinnnati. If elected to the City Council, I pledge to respond to the needs of all the people of Cincinnati, not just the core of my supporters. I believe that democracy works best when politicians are held accountable. 


Possessing a large amount of experience in a variety of fields relevant to the future of the city, including education, technology, and hospital administration. I believe my ability to bring my expertise in these important fields to the inner workings of city government makes me an ideal candidate for Cincinnati's future.
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